Rosewill Compressed Air Duster, 10 oz Gas Duster Cleaning Spray for Electronics (1-Pack) RCGD-18001


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  • LARGE CAPACITY: 10 ounce air duster contains plenty of compressed gas for long-term use and removal of dust, lint and contaminants from various surfaces.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Ideal for cleaning devices and objects that cannot be cleaned with water, including computer keyboards, mice, laptops, electronics, workstations, figurines, collectibles, window blinds, car interior and more.
  • EXTENSION TUBE: Includes straw attachment for dusting off hard-to-reach, tight spaces.
  • OZONE SAFE & DISPOSABLE: Contains no CFCs, huffs/inhalants, propane or butane; can is recyclable when empty.
  • CONTAINS BITTERANT: A bittering agent is added to discourage inhalant abuse and ingestion.