GLOTRENDS M.2 Heatsink NVME Heatsink Set for 2280 M.2 SSD with Silicone Thermal Pad

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  • 1) M.2 Heatsink fit for 2280 size (22x80mm) M.2 NVME SSD, like Samsung 850 EVO, 860 EVO, 960 EVO, 970 EVO, 950 PRO, 960 PRO, 970PRO, etc.
  • 2) GLOTRENDS NVMe Heatsink passive heat dissipation solution full covering 2280 NVMe SSD(Aluminum Heatsink and Thermal Silica Pad) with 5°C- 20°C Cooling Effect (Varies depending on the environment). Economical and practical cooling method keep NVMe SSD at 50c level even long time loads, No more worry about suddan throttle. We offer 2 ways for fixing aluminum heatsink: 1)Metal Clips; 2) Rubber Bands.
  • 3) 2280 Heatsink Main Body: Aluminum Alloy, Silver Plating, Anodic Oxidation Surface Treatment.Groove design greatly Increase the Heat Dissipation Area.
  • 4) Heat Conductive Material: Nano Heat-conducting Silica Gel Pad (Thickness: 1mm). Good Ductility, Compatible with Uneven Surfaces. Low Viscosity, Easy to Remove